Freelance Actinic Development

Sell online using the latest Actinic software. All new Actinic Version 8 out now.

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I am very proud to present an association to Actinic, a provider of leading eCommerce software solutions. As a freelance Actinic developer and designer, I can enable you to sell online using this highly rated software. In the past, the problems of cost, complexity and security have stopped many businesses profiting from the internet. With an Actinic developer this need no longer be the case...

An Actinic Catalog license will cost you 379 + VAT for your website. An Actinic website with this functionality can include up to 20,000 products each with their price and an image if required. Product variants can be set up such as different sizes and colours. All products can be found easily by customers using Actinic's built in search engine.


For a larger business, Actinic Business may be the best choice. An Actinic Business license costs 799 + VAT and would be ideal for business to business eCommerce as well as business to consumer. A number of extra features are included in this package including customer account management and improved discounting support.

Latest Actinic Version 8 Site is running on the recently released Actinic Version 8 e-commerce software. The site incoporates the latest web technology in order to apply transparency effects consistently across a range of browsers giving the site a unique feel you will not find on many other sites today.

Actinic Site Development

The Actinic template has been created using XHTMl and CSS semantic technologies to ensure search engine optimisation. The Actinic developer software has been extensively customised to adhere to a wide range of useability principles ensuring buying online is a simple as possible.

If you are looking for a freelance Actinic developer, please feel free to give me a call.

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