Zen Cart Hosting and Actinic Hosting - Top UK (Sheffield) Based Servers

Here you can find two Unix based packages specifically configured for Zen Cart and Actinic based e-commerce stores. If you have more specific requirements in mind just let me know.

Zen Cart Hosting Pro

Manual Zen Cart installation and configuration included. No automated scripts, I will personally install and configure Zen Cart to get you up and running. This includes:

Zen Cart customisation projects are also available. Our most recent zen cart site is spyshop.ltd.uk. Call for more information on Zen Cart e-commerce solutions.

Actinic Hosting Pro

Personal help with the installation and configuration of Actinic. This includes

Actinic customisation projects are also available. Our most recent Actinic site is totallytactical.com. Call for more information on Actinic e-commerce solutions.

Zen Cart Pro Actinic Pro
£10 per month £10 per month
Server Location
Sheffield, UK Sheffield, UK
Zen cart installation
Template installation
Payment processor integration
Actinic Network Settings
Payment Processor Integration
Daily Backups Daily Backups
Other Features
Web Site Disk Space
250MB 250MB
2.5GB 2.5GB
Mail boxes
Unlimited Unlimited
Mailing Lists
Unlimited Unlimited
MySql Databases
Unlimited Unlimited
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ASP.net, Coldfusion MX and dedicated hosting are also available. Please call for more information.

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